National Guard Pay, Benefits, and Opportunties

The National Guard is a key factor in the provision of safety and security for US citizens and US assets both domestically and overseas. Wherever they are needed, the National Guard will be there. We are especially familiar with them as they help neighbors here at home with natural disaster relief and other such emergency situations.

Most often, National Guardsmen fulfill their commitment to serve near their own homes and regions, but are frequently deployed for assistance during emergencies or natural disasters almost anywhere in the country.  While serving on missions during war time, they are liable to find themselves almost anywhere in the world as well! The National Guard is known for their flexibility and ability to meet a challenge in a timely and efficient manner.

Service commitments for the National Guard are anywhere from three to six years, and guardsmen are eligible for the same health and educational benefits that their active duty Army counterparts participate.  Some of the benefits include educational programs, life insurance, health insurance, flexible training schedule, competitive pay scales and much more.